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505th parachute infantry regiment, abusing ellipses, anachronistic slang, aqua teen hunger force, b movies, bad at being good, bad brains, bad haircuts, bauhaus, berlin, big black tattoos, biting hipbones, brunch as a religion, cafés, chaos, charles and ray eames, chivalry, cognitive psychology, combat veterans, comfort food, comparative mythology, conspiracy theories, contempt for chickenhawk republicans, couture, curve, dancing on school nights, deconstruction, design, design cult-ure, die gestalten verlag, die hipsters die, dim sum, downtown creative professionals, dreamless, dressing-up and getting undressed, driving way too fast, early era skinny puppy, earning-a-living-from-creativity, east village not west, edges, egon schiele, electropunk, endings where everyone dies, endorphin rushes, f-f-f-fashion, fire fire fire, flappers, fred perry shirts, fucking shit up, garage built motorcycles, getting undressed and dressing-up, giant robots, girls with glasses, good at being bad, grrls, guerrilla art, guerrilla fashionistas, hardcore, haruki murakami, helmut lang, honesty, hopeless romantics, inappropriate crushes, independent films, indie, ink, intensity, intuition, iron chef, jksc, joy division, ketel one and tonics, lambrettas, love, lust, making out, making out in cabs, mashingwordstogether, meat beat manifesto, mid-century modern, minimalism, modernism, modernists, mods, my bloody valentine, naked raygun, near death experiences, new york city, occasional flings, old school dc hardcore, old school punk, owning originals not reproductions, paratroopers, passion, people watching, personal photo documentation, peter greenaway, pin-up girls, pop culture sabotage, portishead, post punk serrated edge, post-punk, professional party crashers, propaganda art, real southern biscuits, really good tattoos, reckless romantics, recreational insomnia, road trips without destinations, sarcasm, secret crushes, sense of smell, sexy secret agents, siouxsie sioux, skipping past lines, sordid sex lives, south of 14th street, spy movies, stirring up trouble, sturm und drang, subcultural anthropology, synchronicity, t.s. eliot, tall southern girls, thrill seeking, thunderstorms, too much coffee, trouble, typography, unfamiliar ceilings, urban exploration, vintage american v-twins, vintage couture, vintage military uniforms, wanderlust, wit, wong kar wai, zines